How to Create and Deploy a Shiny App: Shiny by RStudio is a framework for turning R code into interactive dashboards. You can build RShiny apps on the DataScience.com Platform within the familiar R or RStudio environment. This quick tutorial shows how to build an interactive map with RShiny using a dataset on Uber pickups in New York City.

Using a Deployed API: The purpose of this article is to show an example of a use case for a deployed API. An API can be used to automatically score incoming data with a pre-trained deployed model. In this article, the deployed API will take hotel reviews as input and assign category labels. Labeled reviews can then be sorted, summarized with a BI tool, and addressed by appropriate departments.

Deploying a Network Intrusion Prediction API: This example explores how to use the DataScience.com Platform to build a network intrusion detection system with SMS alerts and a reporting front end.

Deploying an XGBoost Model: In this article, you will learn how to deploy an XGBoost model on the Platform to predict loan repayment default in peer-to-peer lending platforms. This example will utilize the Lending Club dataset from Kaggle to illustrate how you can use the Platform’s deployed API functionality.