What is the DataScience.com Platform?

The DataScience.com Platform combines the tools, libraries, and languages your team loves with the infrastructure and workflows your organization needs. The Platform combines three key components:

  • Infrastructure - systems tasks (like spawning servers) are abstracted and handled automatically so data scientists can focus on the substance of their work
  • Tools - open source tools (like Jupyter, R Shiny, or modeling libraries) that data scientists need are integrated into a centralized place
  • Workflow - automation for tasks, collaboration, and communication that let data science teams effectively deliver on their mission

How to Read These Docs

In the User docs, you’ll learn how to set up an account and launch different types of analyses across the Platform.

Just Getting Started with the Platform?

If you’re just starting out on the Platform, consider going through the onboarding videos and exercises contained in our self-guided learning module. This curated tour of the Platform covers all the key features for data scientist users. To request access, contact success@datascience.com.