R Shiny Dashboards

Shiny by RStudio is a framework for turning R code into interactive dashboards. On the DataScience.com Platform, Shiny dashboards are deployed in dedicated containers and are accessible through a project’s Outputs page.

Publish a dashboard

To publish a Shiny Application, select “Publish a Shiny App” from the actions menu and enter the following information to complete configuration:

  • Name and description: Enter your app’s name (limit 55 characters) and description (limit 140 characters). These will be displayed on the project’s Output page to help users find your app.
  • Branch and App Path: See Running a Directory below for more information.
  • Compute Resource: Select the size of the hardware where your app will be hosted.
  • Environment and Additional Requirements: Determine the environment and any additional dependencies that are needed for your app to run.
  • Commit message: Enter a short message to help identify this version of the app.

Running a Directory

Shiny dashboards are served out of a directory in your project that contains all the files the dashboard needs to run.

To deploy a Shiny dashboard, specify a folder in your project with all of your Shiny app code, including the dashboard’s entry-point file. Use the convention app.R for this entry-point file, which is where the core logic of the app lives. You may use a single entry-point file to build your dashboard or break it out into modules.


You must specify a directory, not a .R file when publishing a Shiny dashboard. Your dashboard won’t have access to any files or folders higher in the project tree than the one you specified when publishing.


You can publish a new version of an existing dashboard by visiting that dashboard’s page on the Outputs tab, then clicking the Publish New Version button. In this form, you can enter a new directory for your app code and include a message to let teammates know what changed.

View and manage a dashboard

Shiny dashboards are viewable through the project Outputs tab. From this page, you can browse, publish, and delete versions of a dashboard. To share a dashboard in full-screen mode, use the Open in a new tab option above the dashboard content.

To share a link to a Shiny dashboard with a teammate, first invite them to the project.


You can find the deployed status of a dashboard under the versions dropdown, just above the dashboard content. Your dashboard is healthy when its status is In Progress: Running. If your application code has errors, the version status will change to In Progress: Error.

You can delete versions of your dashboard from this page. Deleting the last version of a dashboard deletes the entire dashboard page.